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Commercial Photography

Commercial jobs are quoted on a per-job basis. This may include image creation for branding, special projects, marketing, architectural, manufacturing, industrial, agriculture, etc... Hourly and day rates are available based on the project requirements. Please contact us directly to discuss the details of your project and we'll work together to make sure your needs are met. We are also available to travel for commercial projects.

Real Estate, architecture & Hospitality Photography

We do real estate photography for a limited number of clients. We take great pride in creating images that showcase the saleable features of property without slanted or curved walls created by perspective and fish-eye lenses. We are also able to take on more complex jobs requiring multiple light setups. Basic rates are $125 plus HST per home. Please contact us with details of your listing and to check our availability.

Interior designers, architects and builders all need high end photographs to showcase their work in future marketing campaigns, magazine articles, websites and more. We can properly stage, light and edit images that sell your products and services. Please contact us about our commercial rates.